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From 2015, as part of the registration process, players will be required to pay an 'individual membership' to Hockey Victoria. For members of MUHC, the amount is $30 ($25 for those under the age of 18). It represents costs that had previously been charged directly to the club, and consequently the club's fees have been reduced from their 2014 values (read on for the details).

Note that you will need either a credit card or debit card to pay this individual membership (sorry, nothing we can do about that).


In 2013, HV introduced an 'individual membership' fee of $15pp ($10 for U18s), which was invoiced to clubs based on their registration numbers. As a result, MUHC increased club membership fees by $10 from the 2012 values (absorbing part of the cost increase). The intent from HV was always to move to this fee being paid directly by members (rather than through the clubs), which is what has happened for 2015

There were two other longstanding 'per person costs' from HV: a $10 Hockey Australia levy, and $15 personal accident insurance fee. These had been charged to clubs on a 'per team' basis (approximating a certain number of registered players per team), which was inaccurate and inelegant. Consequently these costs have also been moved to individual player registrations for 2015 (rather than clubs paying them).

These individual costs therefore come to $40, plus $5 for 'player membership card, administration fee & IMG processing fee'. For university hockey clubs however, members are already covered by personal accident insurance from the affiliated uni, so that component ($15) isn't applicable (and hadn't previously been something that university hockey clubs were charged either). Thus arriving at the end value for this HV Individual Membership fee of $30 for players registering with MUHC.

A memo from HV about all this can be found on their website.

2015 Fees

If the club left fees at the 2014 values, it would cost all our members an extra $30 to play this season. Given that much of this $30 represents a reduction in costs to the club, it was agreed at the AGM that the Committee should look to reduce MUHC's membership fees for 2015. The Committee subsequently determined to reduce fees by $20 for all membership categories.

Why only a $20 reduction, when players are paying a $30 fee? Three reasons:

  1. The cost to the club is only reducing by $25 (there's the $5 'processing fee' remember);
  2. The club had absorbed $5 of the new individual membership fee back in 2013 rather than pass it all on then; and
  3. Costs do slowly increase from year-to-year, and it is likely that there would have been a small increase in fees had this new arrangement not come into play.

Our fees remain amongst the cheapest in Melbourne, and significantly cheaper than most clubs.

The 2015 fees can be found on our Registration & Fees page.

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