MUHC fees unchanged, HV fee increased

Posted by: James Stewart | 1 year, 7 months ago |

MUHC's membership fees for 2017 will again remain unchanged, at some of the cheapest in Melbourne. However Hockey Victoria have increased the cost of their Individual Membership by $15 for university club members.

To register and pay fees for 2017, go to the Registration & Fees page.

Our fees are on par with the cheapest in Melbourne, and significantly less than those of most clubs. The potential for a fee increase was discussed at the 2016 AGM, but particularly in light of the increased cost from HV, the Committee has resolved to keep fees as they are.

Ensuring that participation is affordable - especially for students - is an important part of MUHC's ethos, and so no increase in fees is ever taken lightly. We hope to help continue to keep fees down for our members (whilst still delivering quality coaching, facilities, and experience) through an increase in sponsorship and fundraising. There have already been positive developments in this area so far this year, and we would encourage all members and supporters to help out with this when you can.

With respect to the increased fee from HV: Historically, members of university clubs and ADF members have been exempted from HV's personal accident insurance requirements, given that those institutions would already cover such individuals. Unfortunately, HV have recently advised that from 2017 these exemptions will no longer be permitted, resulting in a $15 increase in the cost of the HV Individual Membership for MUHC members (from $50 to $65), as well as members of several other clubs.

MUHC is extremely disappointed with this development, as it increases the cost of participation in our sport (which is a barrier for many people), for no benefit to participants. We have had no success in attempting to get this unnecessary, unhelpful, and unproductive decision changed, but we hope that by keeping our membership fees as affordable as possible, this will help minimise the impact of HV's decision.

This change does mean that now all insurance claims will need to go through HV's insurance (rather than the University's), and that participants will need to ensure that they are paid up as HV members in order to be covered.

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