Intercollegiate Hockey

Intercollegiate sport competitions are held between the residential colleges of the University of Melbourne, with hockey being one of those sports.

Competition goes back to 1881 in rowing, with rugby, cricket, athletics, and football then following over the next 50 years. It is uncertain precisely when hockey was first contested, save that records exist back to 1988.

MUHC works with the Inter-Collegiate Sports Council and Melbourne University Sport in delivering the annual men's and women's hockey programs. Many MUHC members over the years have spent time as a college resident, and participated in the Inter-Collegiate Hockey competition.


Year Men's Women's
1988 Trinity Ormond
1989 Ormond Queen's
1990 Trinity Queen's
1991 Ormond Ormond
1992 Trinity Queen's
1993 Ormond Queen's
1994 Ormond Trinity
1995 Newman Trinity
1996 Newman Trinity
1997 Newman Trinity
1998 St Hilda's Trinity
1999 Ormond Ormond
2000 Ormond Ormond
2001 ? Ormond
2002 Ormond Ormond
2003 Queen's Ormond
2004 ? Ormond
2005 Ormond Ormond
2006 ? ?
2007 Ormond Ormond
2008 Queen's Ormond
2009 (not held) Ormond
2010 Queen's Trinity
2011 Newman Trinity
2012 Newman Trinity
2013 Ormond Trinity
2014 Trinity Queen's
2015 Trinity Ormond
2016 Ormond Ormond
2017 Ormond St Hilda's

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