Chancellors' Cup

The Chancellors' Cup is an annual competition between Melbourne University Hockey Club and Monash University Hockey Club, across all regular season matches between the two clubs (seniors, masters and juniors).

The winner is determined firstly by most wins, with most goals scored used as a tie-breaker. Should the clubs still be equal, only the matches between the highest-ranked of each of the senior men's & women's teams to play each other that year are used (again, firstly by most wins, then by most goals scored). If that still fails to separate the clubs, the current holder retains the trophy.

Year Winner Results (W-D-L) Goals (F-A)
2012 Monash 6-2-4 22-18
2013 Melbourne 7-1-2 40-16
2014 Melbourne 6-3-0 24-7
2015 Melbourne 2-2-0 13-2
2016 Melbourne 2-2-0 13-2
2017 Melbourne 4-0-0 12-1
2018 Melbourne 2-1-0 13-5

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