Fin McNab Cup

The Fin McNab Cup is the 'Victorian universities hockey cup'. It was established in the 1970s at the suggestion of Finlay McNab (patron and Life Member of the then Victorian Amateur Hockey Association, and long-standing member - later also a Life Member - of MUHC, who had sons playing at both Melbourne and Monash), to assist in selections for InterVarsity.

Orginally a contest between men's teams from the university hockey clubs of Melbourne, Monash, and La Trobe, it was relaunched in 2013 (after a 22-year hiatus) to also include the women's teams of these clubs.

The winner is the club with the best combined record from the matches between these teams. The exact format varies from year-to-year: some years it may be entirely from a pre-season carnival, other years solely from regular-season matches, or a combination of the two (depending on the respective grades that each club's 1sts are playing in).


(The Cup has not been contested every year)

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