New Players

MUHC welcomes players of all backgrounds, ages, and abilities. You do not need to have a connection to the University to join - anyone can!

Why join MUHC?

High Performance Program

We are very ambitious with our program for elite-level and aspiring-elite players. Our Premier League squads have two of the highest-regarded coaches in Melbourne (supported by a dedicated strength & conditioning coach), we call Melbourne's premier hockey facility (the State Netball Hockey Centre) our home both for Premier/Vic League & Reserves training and matches, and have access to the University's high performance gym. Quite simply, you won't find better in Melbourne.

For more information on the high performance program, contact our men's or women's Head Coaches.

How to join

It's really simple: just come down to a training you feel suited to and say hello! Then complete your registration and pay your fees.

The 2019 pre-season will start around Feb/March depending on the team you intend to play with. For updates around this follow us on Facebook here.

If you have further questions, please get in touch with us here.

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