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You must be registered, and have paid your fees before you can play (if you have any fees problems, please email

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MUHC registration is online through HockeyNet.

As part of the registration process, you will be required to pay a Hockey Victoria Individual Membership fee of $90 ($65 for those under the age of 18). You will need either a credit card or debit card to make this payment. Help Guides on registration (including how to Dual Register, and an explanation from HV on the Individual Membership) are available on HV's membership site.

The HV Individual Membership includes a personal accident insurance component, so please register asap each season to ensure you are appropriately covered.

Fee waivers: If you are entitled to a fee waiver (for MUHC membership) you will still need to register with Hockey Victoria and pay the individual membership fee to HV.

Were you registered with MUHC in 2017?

Use your login details from last year to register (click on 'Forgotten Your Password' if you can't remember). This way your details will be remembered from last time, and it will be quicker and easier to register.

But do please remember to update your details if they have changed!

If this process does not work, contact the Secretary,  Jackson Matthews (

Are you new to MUHC?

If you were registered with another club in Australia at all in the past 5 years (since 2013), you will need to get a Clearance (transfer). Simply contact the Secretary ( to arrange this and include the following information: your full name, and the full name of club you were last registered with. Once the transfer goes through you can then complete your registration via the HockeyNet portal.


If you weren't registered with any hockey club in Australia, you can simply click on 'registration' and follow the prompts to create a new account and register.

Membership Fees

MUHC has some of the lowest fees in Victorian hockey - significantly cheaper than most clubs.

2018 fees are as follows:

Membership Category EARLY* FULL HALF^ SEM 2#
  • Current students at the University of Melbourne
  • Juniors (17 years old or under on 31 Dec 2017)
$230 $260 $130 $90
  • Other students (not at the University of Melbourne)
  • MUSU/MUSA Life Members
$290 $320 $160 -
  • Alumni & Staff of the University of Melbourne
  • All other adults
$360 $395 $195 -
  • Life Members of MUHC
  • Goalkeepers with their own kit
  • Coaches/Managers (one per team)

Note: these values are the club's membership fees, and do not include your HV Individual Membership.
* The Early fee rate is available for payments made on or before Thursday 29 March 2018.
^ Half fees cover a 'calendar half-season' - either up to 25 June (rounds 1-10), or from 26 June (rounds 11-18 plus finals). They can be upgraded to Full fees. You MUST contact the Treasurer ( before paying half fees.
# Sem 2 fees are only available to UoM students, and cover from 17 July (round 13) onwards (they are designed for students only here for Semester 2 e.g. exchange/study abroad).

Remember: You can't play until you pay! So get your fees in by Round 1 at the latest.

For any questions regarding fees, please contact

Top Squad Levy

Each of the Premier League and Reserves teams are required to collect a levy (roughly equivalent to $100 per player) to support the higher costs of these teams' activities and services. The method of collection is up to each team to determine (e.g. fundraising, per-game collection, one-off payment, etc).

How to pay

Go to 'the Shop Shop' to pay fees. If you need a fee type that isn't listed, or wish to discuss payment options, please contact

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