1. Sales Dates & Times
  2. Price List
  3. Shirt Numbers
  4. Uniform examples
  5. Uniform clashes

Sales Dates & Times

Uniforms are purchased online at The Shop Shop. After purchasing, they can then be collected from the clubrooms (see Paris) at the following times:

For Top Squad uniform collections, please liaise with Davin and/or Keeley.

For ad hoc uniform collections after these dates, please contact Paris via equipment@muhc.org.au

Price List

Playing shirts
PL, PLR, PA, PB (pre-numbered pair) $100pair
Other grades (un-numbered home or clash shirt) $50ea
Other uniforms
Shorts $35   Skort $40
Socks $15   Polo shirt $tbc
Tracksuit jacket $tbc   Tracksuit pants $tbc
Hoodie $tbc Beanie $15

All items are available in both men's & women's sizes, except skorts (women only), and socks & beanies (unisex).

Shirt Numbers

Players in Premier League, Vic League, Reserves, and Pennant A/B/C require shirt numbers. Due to our large membership (and how many new members we get each year), we only give numbers to players in those teams.

Most players who require a number will be able to purchase a pair of shirts (home & clash) with pre-printed numbers. But if you need to get a number for a shirt that doesn't have one, you can purchase iron-on numbers from general sports stores. The number should be either white (for home shirts) or black (for clash shirts), and 6-8" high (16-20cm).

Uniform examples



Note: Sleeveless shirts are required for WPL/WPLR only (optional for WPA/WPB). Sleeved playing shirts are available for other grades.


Uniform clashes

We have the following uniform clashes with other clubs:

Club Uniform Clash
Altona Shirt only (socks optional)
Brunswick Shirt and socks
Bayside Shirt and socks
Elwood Socks only
Essendon Shirt and socks
Footscray Shirt only
GD Warriors Shirt only
Greensborough Shirt and socks
Hockey Geelong Shirt and socks
Maccabi Shirt and socks
MCC Shirt only
Mentone Shirt only
MHSOB Shirt only
Old Carey Shirt only
Old East Malvern Shirt and socks
Old Melburnians Shirt and socks
Old Xaverians Shirt and socks
Old Yarra Valley Grammar Shirt and socks
Parkville Shirt only
Powerhouse/St Kilda Shirt and socks
RMIT Shirt and socks
Sandringham Women Shirt only
Southern Knights Socks only
Waverley Shirt and socks
Yarra Valley (socks optional)

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