The Sport Foundation

The University of Melbourne Sport Foundation was established to create a significant endowment (corpus) to future proof the sporting clubs and sporting programs of the University. It was launched in 2012, with the Hockey Club taking the initiative as the inaugural Chapter.

The Foundation enables benefactors to receive tax deductions for their donations in support of their sporting interest. The University manages the Foundation investment as part of the wider University Endowment Fund.

Each year the interest earnt by the Hockey Chapter of the Foundation is available for the Club to spend, or add to the fund if it chooses. The Club may also access the capital for worthwhile projects with the approval of the University's Board of Sport (providing an important safeguard on the investment).

The Foundation is an important part of MUHC's future (and present), helping the Club to:

For more information, please visit Melbourne University Sports' Give to Sport page.

Donate to Hockey

Support student participation in hockey with a donation (tax deductable) either:

If you would like to make a donation for a specific purpose or cause (such as establishing a scholarship), please contact a member of the Club's Executive, or the Sport Foundation's Development Manager.

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