Awards and honours 

1. Life Members

Life membership of MUHC is a rare honour. It took nearly 70 years for our first life member, Fin McNab, to be elected - and that was only after he'd already been made a life member of both Hockey Australia and Hockey Victoria, and awarded an O.B.E. for services to sport!

The exact criteria for eligibility for life membership has varied over the years, but is currently set as 'having rendered outstanding service to the club for greater than ten years'. Election as a life member requires a special resolution at an AGM.

  1. Finlay McNab (elected 1976)

  2. Andrew Tulloch

  3. Ian Hunt

  4. André Auret

  5. Bill Brazenor

  6. Tim Mattingsbrooke (2002)

  7. William Guthrie (2005)

  8. Trina Dreher (2014)

2. Distinguish Service Awards

DSAs are awarded by the Melbourne University Sports Association, for outstanding service to a University of Melbourne sports club, and/or MUSA. Clubs submit nominations to the Blues Advisory Board for consideration (this is the same body that determines the award of Blues each year).

  • James Stewart (awarded 2014)

3. President's Trophy

Awarded annually (chosen by the club's President) to the individual who has provided the most outstanding service to the club for that year ('volunteer of the year').

2018 Keeley O'Reilly 2008 Isobel Rogerson 1998 Bill Brazenor 1988 Andre Auret
2017 Annabelle Hargraves 2007 Tim Mattingsbrooke 1997 Mark Woodruff
2016 Sarah Dennis 2006 Garrick Rollason 1996 Antony Strong
2015 Louise Lines & Davin Smith 2005 Jane Fitzherbert 1995 Isobel Rogerson
2014 Tina Thorburn 2004 Chris Norton 1994 Geoff Ward
2013 Emily Rosse 2003 Andrew Cronin 1993 Neil Boyd-Clark
2012 Davin Smith 2002 Han Quach 1992 Joanna Hale
2011 Diana Dickson 2001 Claire Brazenor 1991 Bill Brazenor
2010 James Stewart 2000 Jemma Martin 1990 Stuart Westmore
2009 James Stewart 1999 Tim Mattingsbrooke 1989 Joanna Hale

4. Club Champions

The Best & Fairest winners for our men's & women's 1sts, as voted by the players in those teams.

The women's club champion is awarded the Jessie A. Ferguson Perpetual Trophy.

Year Women Men
2018 Kate Saunders
2016 Siobhan Moran Oscar Wookey
2015 Kate Wong Tim Luscombe
2014 Louise Lines Tim Luscombe
2013 Kate Wong Ewout Timmermann
2012 Kate Wong Tim Brown
2011 Candice Liddy Paul Luscombe

If you have any information on winners prior to 2011, please contact the club.


5. Miscellaneous awards

University of Melbourne 'Coach of the Year'

  • 2015 - Davin Smith

University of Melbourne 'Club of the Year'

  • 2015

  • 2009

  • 1993

6. Australian Representatives

The following players earned their first Australia selection whilst members of the club:

Name Years Selected Debut Match* Position Goals
Girlie Hodges 1925,26,27, 36 15 June 1927 Forward 2
Mary Bloore 1925,26,28,29,30,32 30 June 1930 Forward 8
Lesley J. Rudd 1927 15 June 1927 Forward 1
Marjorie M. Lamble 1929 Forward
Dorothy M. Sholl 1933.35.36 4 August 1935 Hall Back
Jean E. Hoggart 1934 Half Back
Lucy E. Osborne 1935 4 August 1395 Forward
Florence R. Faul 1936 21 October 1936 Full Back
Margaret Knight 1936 21 October 1936 Forward 2
Margarita E. 'Peggy' Burston 1938 23 April 1938 Half Back
Marjolein Francken 1953 Forward
Sylvia Faram 1954,55,56 23 May 1956 Half Back

* Matches weren't played every year, so some players never had the chance to make their debut.

Several other players earned Australian selection after having previously been members of MUHC:

Name Years Selected Debut Match* Position Goals
Ralph E. May 1922,23 17 September 1922 Half Back
Reg F. May 1923 11 August 1923 Forward
Sybil Taggart 1926,27,32 15 June 1927 Full Back
Donald R.C. Tregonning 1932 11 August 1932 Forward
Ron C. Westrup 1952 9 August 1932 Full Back

These records are incomplete (particularly since the 1950s). If you have any further information, please contact the club.