Training Times

Training is primarily held at the Melbourne University hockey pitch (at the Parkville campus), or at the nearby State Netball Hockey Centre (for top squad teams). It typically involves both on-field and fitness training, so please come prepared for both.

For any questions about training times and arrangements, contact Rudy Tielen (men) or Sarah Dart (women).

Which training should I go to?

  • If you're new to hockey, or looking for a less competitive standard, please come on to Metro training (Tuesdays @ Uni for men; Wednesdays @ Uni for women).

  • If you're unsure which session to go to, or are looking for a mid or high standard of hockey, please come to Pennant training (Tuesdays/Thursdays @ Uni).

  • For top-level hockey, please come to Premier/Vic League & Reserves training (Tuesdays & Thursdays @ SNHC)

Men's Training
@SNHC @Uni
Tuesday 8.45-10pm MPL, MPLR & Pen B
(Alternating weeks with Women)
7-8pm Pen C & Pen D
8-9pm MPL, MPLR, Pen B
(alternating weeks with Women)
9-10pm Pen G & Metro
Wednesday 8.30 - 10 Pen G & Metro
(alternate weeks with Women's Masters)
Thursday 8.30-10.00pm MPL 8.15-9.30 MPLR, Pen B & Pen C
Women's Training
@SNHC @Uni
Tuesday 8.45-10pm WVL1, WVL1R & Pen B
(alternating weeks to Men)
7-8pm Pen C & Pen E
8-9pm WVL1, WVL1R & Pen B
(alternating weeks to Men)
Wednesday 7-8.20pm Pen E, Pen F & Metro
Thursday 8.30-10pm WVL1 7-8.15pm WVL1R, Pen B & Pen C

If your training time alternates, please ensure you check with your coach or manager if you are unsure on venue.