InterVarsity Best & Fairests

The Best & Fairest players for the University of Melbourne at InterVarsity Hockey are awarded the Russell Hagg Trophy (Men's) and Trina M. Dreher Trophy (Women's).

These awards are named in honour of the players who have recieved the most Blues for Hockey (Russell Hagg six Full Blues 1957-62; Trina Dreher five Full Blues 1989-90, 92-94, and a Half Blue in 1988). They were first awarded in 2012.

The players vote after each match, and the tally of these votes are used to award a 5-4-3-2-1 (with 5 being best-on-ground) for each match. Where there is a tie, the award is shared.

Year Russell Hagg Trophy Trina M. Dreher Trophy
2012 Oscar Wookey Tegan Brown & Bronwyn Pitt
2013 Joel Hamilton Claire Sutterby
2014 George Hurley Tegan Brown
2015 George Hurley Phoebe Ulrick
2016 Gus Ryder Morgan de Man
2017 John-John Dupont Zoe Gurr
2018 John-John Dupont Prue Grant
Trina Dreher with Bronwyn Pitt (left) and Tegan Brown (right)

Trina Dreher with Bronwyn Pitt (left) and Tegan Brown (right)

Gold Medal Best-on-Grounds

Also noteworthy are best-on-ground performances in a victorious Gold Medal match.

Year Competition Player
2011 Women's Tegan Brown
2012 Men's Tim Everist
2013 Men's Bill Brukner
2013 Women's Clare Sutterby